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About working for English Academy

A rewarding experience


Being a teacher and head teacher for the English Academy has been rewarding in so many ways. If you love children, traveling and teaching you have found your dream job!


My heart is fulfilled when i see children from different backgrounds and countries speaking English together while having fun.


 I, myself, am coming from an international background and have traveled the world over and being able to communicate in a language that everyone understands is so important in today’s world.


Every year at the English Academy, you get to work with a new team of international teachers and children. You get to stay with interesting and welcoming host families as well. Wherever you go, children are full of enthusiasm and have a will and enthusiasm to learn. It’s quite breath taking, really.


It’s an amazing opportunity for children to interact with each other whilst learning English through games, movies, sports, outdoor activities, theatre, songs and watch them blossom in a new language only after five days. On the fifth day they reap what they sowed with their final presentations for family and friends. Mostly they are also quite sad leaving their new friends behind but there’s always next year. J



I love this job and hope to work for the English Academy for many more years to come and let it spread like wild fire.  


Ancolie - Head Teacher, Middelharnis

More about working for us...

We have a small HQ in Roosendaal with approximately 10 permanent employees who work at various times during the week. The office is always busy and full of thoughtful chatter and new ideas. We aim to support all our colleagues, both at HQ as well as our network of teachers, R&D members, ambassadors and more... 


We offer our clients a large choice of English training courses for participants of all ages and to suite various interests and skill levels. In order to meet the demand we need to have a diverse and enthusiastic team to support us in reaching our goals. 


The English Education Group can offer you the chance to gain experience in teaching, connect you with a great network of teachers, schools and organisations and provide you with topic specific training. 

Here are some of the perks of working for one of the partners of the English Education Group Europe: 

·    Experience & Building up your CV
Not only gaining experience in tutoring in English but also becoming familiar with working in an international organization and developing your management and organization skills.

·    Training
You will be trained by professionals with many years of experience in teaching.

·    Global

Besides teaching at various events in Europe we also support the Global Education Practicum of University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, which involves teaching in India and Brazil and have projects like Building Bridges which aims to position us as a global citizen. 

·    Network

We have an enormous network of experienced professionals and young fresh talent. If you work for EEG you will get in contact with new people with the same enthusiasm for teaching the English language.

·    Refreshing

You will be working in an environment that is fun, open-minded and where the students are motivated because they have chosen participate. Furthermore we use different ways of teaching, including games and immersive teaching tools.

·    Employment
Possibilities as free-lancer, employee, trainee or volunteer.

·    Diversity of projects
We organize many different projects, for example, the very popular English Experience Weeks, Teaching Training, English Experience weeks and Business English courses.


·    Working from home
With our online platform, in combination with Skype you can teach from anywhere in the world. 

Available Positions

All available positions at English Academy or one of our partners can be viewed on our joint website. You can apply for a specific role or you can send us an open solicitation and we can see where you might fit best in the organisation. 


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