English Experience Weeks

English Experience Weeks

Together with our English Education Group partner Anglia.NL we organized over 100 summer school weeks and welcomed several thousands of students in the Netherlands and at locations abroad over the past 15 years. In 2020 we hope to welcome many new and old students.


During the learn and have fun English Experience Weeks in the Netherlands and abroad, children from are being immersed in an English language environment, improving their English in a practical and active way and growing their confidence communicating in English.


Teacher Denise: "We speak English with one another all week! Of course I help the students (in Dutch) when they get stuck, but then we try again in English! It is so cool to see that everyone has made progress at the end of the week ! "


Every day starts with the students working at their own level with materials developed by English Academy and the Anglia Step To books. They will learn to read and write in English but we focus mostly on listening and improving speaking skills. We challenge students to speak English all week!


After lunch we organise active workshops, play English games or we go on an outing. We conclude the day working on our week project in small teams. 

On Friday afternoon parents/caregivers  are invited to come and experience what the children have been busy with and have learned all week. 

Week 35

Monday, 26 August - Friday 30 August



De Amersfoortse Berg

Hugo de Grootlaan 25

3818 TA Amersfoort



**This is a 3 day programme. 

Tuesday 27 August - Thursday 29 August

RGO Middelharnis
Koningin Julianaweg 54
3241 XC Middelharnis


I had the privilege and pleasure of being Head Teacher at English Academy Summer School 2018, Roosendaal with my team, Anja, Sascha and Sophie. 

 The kids arrived on Monday feeling reserved and unsure. They left at the end of the week flying high, confidently chatting with new friends in English, laughing, organising presentations and just WOWING us with their progress in their English skills, written and oral. It was a fun week of learning grammar and practicing speaking English, eating pizzas, ice cream and action! I learned so much from all the kids and I can't wait for next year’s Summer Schools adventure! - Janine Kriel- Head Teacher, Roosendaal 

The first time I went to Anglia Summer School was when I was at the age of 9. I joined my aunt, who was going to teach there, in Utrecht. This first year, I did Primary level. I was the youngest pupil and it was very hard to talk to others in English, but when the Summer School came to an end, I was just starting to like it. Every year after this time I went to Summer School, always at the same location, Utrecht. Each time is different, but what is the same: you meet new people, learn English and have lots of fun. You really have to talk English, because most of the times not everyone speaks Dutch! The longer you go to Summer School, the more people you get to know and often you meet old friends again. It is very special that you learn that much in one single week. If you want to learn more English, Summer School is absolutely what you should do too!  - George Doppenberg 

My name is Anouk, and I am 16 years old. I've been a part of the English Summer School Program since 2014. Throughout the years, I have had numerous experiences with the different programs one can choose to follow.


My experiences with the organisation are great. The thing I am most fond of, are the teachers. They have made my week so much more than just English. They made me laugh, made me want to study, and most importantly, gave me memories that I still cherish to this day. Yes, of course there has been a teacher who I didn't like, but that stuff is unavoidable.


Every year, I have followed a week of English Summer School in Roosendaal. Starting of at Primary level, I have now successfully finished Proficiency level, and next year (summer of 2019) I will hopefully achieve my masters. I have noticed that I appreciate the fact that I already recognize the material during English lessons of a regular school year.


During my second year, I was a host family for two Chinese girls who joined the program that week as foreign exchange students. It was simply amazing. To be able to come in contact with such a vibrant culture they brought along, is a recommendation to say the least. Despite only having been a week with them,I learned a lot about their country, their culture, etc. We took them out to dinner, went cycling, went to the zoo and played games.


Lastly I have been an exchange student myself. Once to Slovenia, and once to Spain. Without a doubt, these have been one of the coolest things I have done in my life. In Slovenia, I followed the same classes as my host (history and math for example) while in Spain, I had an English course which I took.


Being with a host family, and experiencing the culture of the country you're in at its fullest, is incredible. My hostess in Slovenia has shown me all the beautiful aspects of her country, and has taught me a lot about their school program, politics, culture, etc. But during these weeks, I not only learned about all that, but I also learned a lot about myself. It helps you grow character traits like (self)confidence and independence, but it also improves your English.


Looking back on everything, I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to experience it all.


  • I enjoyed it very much to work for English Academy in August 2018. It was great to be the Head Teacher for the summer schools in Amersfoort and Zwolle.

A good and successful summer school needs enthusiastic and motivated teachers. My team in both schools was exceeding all expectations and made this period of time a worthwhile experience for the students.

I like the approach of the summer schools of English Academy, which is clearly aiming to be more interactive and underlies the principles of “Learning by doing”.  Many activities, such as playing games or taking part in a sport’s clinic, have contributed to the overall positive learning attitude of our students, in which speaking English became a natural thing.

With an all-week project related to different countries, the Middle Group students stayed engaged and were given the possibility to work as a team on a final presentation of their choice, pure creativity. The young learners, on the other hand, discovered different areas of the English language in a playful way, while doing several hands-on activities, improving their English throughout the week.


Our students came up with the most amazing, crazy, creative, and funny ideas to present their countries and showed the huge improvement in English that they have made.


Paul Eslinger- Head Teacher, Amersfoort and Zwolle