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Learn English with a Smile

  • English Academy aims to support everyone who wants to learn or improve their English. We can facilitate lessons at your school, company or meet you online and help you prep for English (exams) at any level. Contact us for individual English support or for an incompany training.
  • English Academy also offers support to primary schools to help their students prep for high school  and offers special courses for (primary) school teachers who want to introduce English in their classrooms.
  • Are you keen to get involved? Start an English Kids Club with us at your school or come with your class to our HQ in Roosendaal for an English Experience Day.
  • During our learn and have fun English Experience Weeks in the Netherlands and abroad kids are being immersed in an English language environment, improving their English in a practical and active way and growing their confidence.
  • Our new online Tandem Teaching (TT) programme makes it possible for groups from all over the world to participate and connect with one of our (near) native speakers. Participate as a group, learn as an individual.

English for Kids & Teens - All Levels - All Ages

We provide English to help you achieve their goals.

Individual Support


Learn English at home with your personal online coach


Some kids are looking for an extra challenge while other kids need support because they have a hard time learning English. English Academy offers the possibility to work on improving their English skills at home with the support of an Anglia Step To book and a personal online coach. Our tutors can’t wait to help your kids improve their English!


Your child will meet the English Academy coach online, on Skype, once a week. During the online lesson the coach will answer questions, discuss and explain the homework and practice your child’s English listening and speaking skills.


Learning at home has many advantages: Children feel at ease, parents can monitor their progress and the  kids get excellent one on one support from their online coach.


Before we start we will ask you about your learning objectives so we can find a suitable teacher. The English lessons will be customized to your needs and wishes.


- Weekly 45 minute online Skype lesson

- For every age

- Improve your English skills

- Personal lesson plan and level appropriate Anglia Step To book

- Focus on speaking and listening


Contact us to help us improve your child's English language skills.  

English Kids Club


English Kids Club is a programme that provides English lessons for students in groups 4 - 8. The programme includes 1 hour of English fun and exercises. The lessons take place after school, one afternoon each week. The course runs for 10 weeks.   Contact your school and let us know if your school is interested in facilitating an English Kids Club. 

  • Price per child 2019: €99,00 + €10,00 admin. fee
  • Minimal 15 participants
  • 10 x 1 hour after school lessons
  • Includes personal English book/progress file, pen & backpack for every participant


For more information and the contact form, please view our Dutch website.

English for Schools

Add interest to the classroom by inviting English Academy to support you in your educational goals. You will find some information below about the various courses we have on offer. 

 Please complete this form to find out more and to receive a personalised offer for your school. Anglia schools get 10% discount English Academy courses. 

Experience Day


Join us at the Anglia/English Academy Head Quarters in Roosendaal for the English Experience Day! An Experience Day is composed of a fun-filled interactive programme which even includes our very own Escape Room!


For more information, please view our Dutch website or... 

Get a personalised quote to help your students improve. 

VO Prep Course


Are your students in need of a boost in their English skills? Perhaps they need some more practice before attending  high school. This course helps them improve their grammar and increase their confidence when speaking in English.

For more info, please see our Dutch website or if you are ready to help your students improve their English, get your personalised quote



Building Bridges


The idea of Building Bridges is to encourage international contacts and cooperation between teachers and students by offering a structured schools project. In this project the students will get to know each other and each others’ cultures by exchanging self made videos and by conducting two Skype meetings to discuss the chosen topics. For more information on this project we redirect you to our the website of our partner Anglia

English for Teachers

Teachers also need support at times, to help them feel more comfortable and confident in the classroom. We offer 2 courses that aim to help teachers improve their English skills and their English teaching skills.  


Primary Skills in Action


This course is best suited for a team of teachers who are teaching English at a "basisschool" level. This course will help provide you and your colleagues with the knowledge and skills you need to be more effective in the classroom. 


Please view our Dutch website for more information or ask for a quote.  

Exam Training


This course is for those who are wanting to improve their English and are working towards taking an English exam, for example an Anglia exam. This is a great opportunity to build on your skills and feel a new sense of accomplishment. 


Please view our Dutch website for more information or ask for a quote.  

English for adults and companies

Take your English to the next step.

Business English: Individual and Group Training. 


As the international nature of business increases, so does the need to communicate at a professional level of English. English Academy offers customisable courses for individuals or groups to help you and your colleagues achieve your language goals. 


Please view our Dutch website for further information or get in touch to receive a personalised quote