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Making EU Friends at Anglia Summer 2020 (Fri, 11 Oct 2019)
Anglia Summer 2020 weeks in June, July and August will focus on connecting the students in the various  locations to each other. Everyone will have a chance to talk on Skype to 3 different countries. Small groups of older students can even travel to other countries. An exciting week with a focus on international communication. We are preparing locations in 8 countries: The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, England and Poland. Perhaps more countries wil [...]
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PIE Puzzles now online! (Thu, 10 Oct 2019)
We have 3 new puzzles at 3 CEFR levels so you can actively join! Participants should send their answers, including their name, school, city and country before 4 November 2019.CEFR LEVEL A:Click here to e-mail us your PIE Puzzle CEFR A Solution!CEFR LEVEL B:Click here to e-mail us your PIE Puzzle CEFR B Solution!CEFR LEVEL C:Click here to e-mail us your PIE Puzzle CEFR C Solution! [...]
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Debating Platform to teach the art of public speaking (Thu, 10 Oct 2019)
We offer an exclusive platform, designed to teach students of different ages, levels and language skills the art of public speaking. While many are afraid of public speaking, it's an incredibly important skill and we think one worth developing in young minds. Therefore, Debate4Kids offers guides, topics, in-depth evaluations and continous support to ensure the students grow to be confident public speakers.Contact us if you wish to have more information: [...]
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